Meat Handling

Do you want to:

  • Reduce handling complexity
  • Reduce handling costs
  • Improve product security
  • Reduce worker injury (from bending, lifting and carrying)
  • Reduce packaging waste

How it Works

The FoodCap Primal Handling system is a reusable, bulk meat handling solution for the buffering, storage, ageing and transfer of food ingredients and chilled meat either within production facilities or between primary and secondary processing facilities.

At the heart of the system is the FoodCap, a bulk storage capsule.  The capsule is robust and once sealed can be vacuumed and gas flushed to create a modified atmosphere where oxygen is excluded, preventing microbial growth and product deterioration.

The capsule is effectively the vacuum pack and transportation device all in one, eliminating the need for single use packaging and storing up to 150kg (330lb) of chilled meat (beef, chicken, pork and lamb).

Capsules can be handled manually or conveyed and managed via automated storage and retrieval systems for efficient and accurate inventory management, as well as minimising the physical footprint of storage and buffer chilling areas.

Capsules are used to transfer chilled meat from boning rooms to the start of packing lines where bulk meat is converted into case-ready consumer or value added product. The system enables meat quality to be optimised during storage, ageing and transport.

Meat, either bone-in or bone-out, is loaded into the capsule. The capsule is then barcoded or tracked via an inbuilt RFID tag. Oxygen is flushed from the capsule to stop primal discolouration and microbial growth. 

The capsules are then transferred to further processing on-site, or off-site. After buffering, ageing or storage, the chilled primals, portions or manufacturing trim is unloaded from the capsule directly onto the production line, before the capsule is returned for cleaning and re-use.

The following animations show the Primal Handling system in action, and the options for automated or manual handling.


  Maximising primal shelf life and colour stability through effectively eliminating oxygen and retarding micro bacteria development

  Optimising cold chain performance through reducing product handling and transfer complexity, along with the subsequent temperature fluctuations experienced in traditional handling

  Reducing human contact with chilled primal cuts to maximise hygiene and food safety

  Delivering end to end traceability and product security through tamperproof features and RFID track and trace technologies

  Enabling buffering to ease processing bottlenecks during peak season, which optimises processing labour, equipment and storage efficiency

  Eliminating most single-use primal and transport packaging, recycling and disposal

  Reducing both the plant physical footprint and the number of process steps along the supply chain

  Enabling automation to minimise labour costs and skill shortages as well as reducing worker injury and lost man hours due to manual handling incidents

  The FoodCap Primal Handling system is flexible, modular, scalable and reusable


The FoodCap Primal Handling system provides processors with complete flexibility to meet their specific requirements from short term buffering, short to long term storage, through to internal and external transfer between production facilities.

  Product buffering to enable secondary processing from inventory rather than from carcass breakdown enabling alignment of product, equipment and labour to reduce bottlenecks and sub-optimal cutting decisions

  Internal transfer of meat within a facility to reduce intermediate packaging usage and multiple handlings

  External transfer of red meat primals, white meat portions and manufacturing meat between primary processing plant (i.e. slaughter boning) and secondary processing (i.e. retail packing, ground meat production)

  Ageing of beef, pork, lamb and venison

  Value add and ground meat transfer prior to final blending and production of mince, sausages, patties

  Case Ready product chilling, buffering and transfer to stores


Introduction to FoodCap

An overview of the FoodCap Primal Meat Handling system, how it works and the benefits it offers.

Streamline your Supply Chain

A comparison chart showing the primal processing supply chain with FoodCap Primal Meat Handling system against traditional vacuum bag and carton or crate handling.

Primal Handling Benefits

A presentation detailing the benefits that the FoodCap Primal Handling system delivers to primal processing operations.

Meat Science

FoodCap’s Primal Handling system has been scientifically verified by independent research and development company, Carne Technologies. Extensive meat science trials were carried out on beef, pork, chicken and lamb, providing a direct comparison between the FoodCap system and conventional vacuum packaging.  Across all species, the FoodCap system provided outstanding exclusion of oxygen, low microbial growth and extended storage times.