Our Services

The global food and meat sectors are being redefined by innovation, transparency and new technologies which will increasingly impact future buying and consumption decisions.

Every facet of food and meat supply chains, from research to production, processing to distribution, retail to consumption, will face unprecedented change in the next 10 years.

Markets will continue to transform driven by factors such as urbanisation, population and income growth, demographic shifts, pressure on resources, compliance, labour dynamics and rising costs. Along with these factors, consumer visibility and awareness will continue to intensify around production systems, traceability, animal welfare, climatic change, recourse sustainability, food additives along with product nutrition and safety.

The future winners will be the processors and retailers that provide transparency and build trust with their customers who will increasingly ask what is going into their meat and food. For consumers, food transparency will become as important as eating quality attributes: flavour, succulence, tenderness, appearance, aroma and nutritional value.

Providing supply chain transparency will become a marketing advantage as much as it is a risk mitigation strategy.

FoodCap's primary focus in this dynamic market is to constantly evolve and deliver innovative services to support our processor, industry and retailer customers’ demands for product quality consistency, cost leadership, food security and safety.

Our Expertise:

Supply Chain Analysis and Optimisation

  • Independent strategic review and analysis of chilled meat supply chains
  • Supply chain process optimisation
  • Business transformation opportunities
  • Cold chain performance evaluation
  • Strategic Sourcing – RFI development and administration

Project Management

  • Identification and documentation of project KRAs and KPIs
  • Development of WBS (work breakdown structure), milestones, interdependencies and timelines
  • Management of project schedules and budgets
  • Development and management of project communication plan to key stakeholders
  • Development and management of project risk registers

Meat Plant Design, i.e. Abattoir or Case Ready

  • Capacity design – footprint and space planning
  • CAD design
  • Equipment/process line evaluation, selection and implementation
  • Product flow and process optimisation

Meat Plant Product and Quality Optimisation

  • Shift configuration
  • Line optimisation
  • Quality optimisation
  • Mass balance and yield optimisation

Product Quality Programme

  • Eating quality programme development
  • Quality benchmarking
  • Supply chain quality processes
  • Measurement systems

Technical Due Diligence

  • Plant operations review
  • Production throughput and process flow evaluation
  • Equipment, safety and hygiene system evaluation
  • Risk identification and mitigation evaluation
  • Capital projects/R&M programme evaluation