Ingredient Handling

Do you want to:

  • Reduce handling complexity
  • Reduce handling costs
  • Improve product security
  • Reduce worker injury (from bending, lifting and carrying)
  • Reduce packaging waste

How it Works

The FoodCap ingredient handling system is a solution for the buffering, storage and transfer of bulk wet and dry food ingredients prior to manufacturing.

At the heart of the system is the FoodCap, a bulk storage capsule. Capsules can store up to 100kg of dry ingredients and 160L of wet ingredients.

Capsules can hold a single ingredient or be filled with a number of blended ingredients for a batch production run. They can be manually wheeled, forklifted or conveyed to the end of a production line to be tipped into a hopper or mixer.

Once emptied, capsules are returned to the washer for cleaning and sanitisation prior to reuse.

Capsules can be vacuumed and gas flushed to create a modified atmosphere to extend raw material shelf life prior to manufacture.

End to end traceability can be delivered through inbuilt RFID tags, improving product tracking and inventory management. Alternatively, capsules can be manually labelled or barcoded to trace their contents.

The following animation shows the Ingredient Handling system in action.


Capsules are sealed to protect valuable ingredients and raw material from: external pollutants, cross contamination, temperature abuse, tampering and theft.

Capsules enable:

  Batching and blending of ingredients prior to production

  Reduced duplicated processes and production steps to improve production efficiency and cost

  Reduced human contact with raw materials to maximise hygiene and food safety risks

  Elimination of waste, including single-use product and transport packaging, recycling and disposal

  Automation to minimise labour costs and skill shortages as well as reducing worker injury and lost man hours due to manual handling incidents

Additional benefits include:

  Potential to use different coloured wheels and lid clips to identify different ingredients, batches or production runs

  Potential for end to end traceability and product security through RFID track and trace

  Potential for vacuum gas flushing to create a modified storage environment (either aerobic or anaerobic) to extend shelf life

   The FoodCap ingredient handling system is flexible, modular, scalable and reusable


Manufacturers in the processed foods, bakery, dairy, confectionery and pet food sectors understand the complexities of producing, storing and handling ingredients prior to batch mix consolidation, blending and manufacture.

Capsules can effectively and safely store wet and dry ingredients as diverse as flour, sugar, crumb, seasoning, condensed milk or fruit pulp prior to production. They enable rapid transfer of raw material within a facility or between production facilities.

  Ingredient batch mix consolidation prior to mixing, blending or baking

  Fruit pulp handling, either hot or cold

  Bakery ingredient handling – batch premixing

  Dry ingredient buffering, storage and transfer

  Wet ingredient buffering, storage and transfer

  MDM storage and transfer

  Product storage during marination

  Dry shelf stable pet food storage


Introduction to FoodCap

An overview of the FoodCap Food Ingredient Handling System, how it works and the benefits it offers.