The following sections contain additional material on the FoodCap technologies and their applications.


Introduction to FoodCap

An overview of the FoodCap Primal Handling system, how it works and the benefits it offers.

Streamline your Supply Chain

A comparison chart showing the primal processing supply chain with FoodCap Primal Handling system against traditional vacuum bag and carton or crate handling.

Primal Handling Benefits

A presentation detailing the benefits that the FoodCap Primal Handling system delivers to primal processing operations.

Food Science Trials

FoodCap’s Primal Handling system has been scientifically verified by independent research and development company, Carne Technologies. Extensive meat science trials were carried out on beef, pork, chicken and lamb, providing a direct comparison between the FoodCap system and conventional vacuum packaging.  Across all species, the FoodCap system provided outstanding exclusion of oxygen, low microbial growth and extended storage times.