Grocery Handling

Do you want to:

  • Store or transport perishable food
  • Protect product integrity
  • Reduce handling costs
  • Reduce packaging waste

Meeting the demand for grocery handling and delivery

The disruption to everyday lives caused by COVID-19 has accelerated online grocery shopping by five years in a matter of months, with shopping methods like click & collect and home delivery becoming lifestyle and convenience choices.

This rapid and unprecedented demand has brought with it challenges around, picking, handling, staging, refrigeration and delivery. Additionally supermarkets and food delivery companies are now facing constraints around introducing refrigerated electric delivery vehicle with reduced delivery capacity and distance and refrigeration.

One solution to many of these challenges is a transition from active refrigeration to passive cooling. Passive cooling enables a transition from tri-temperature vehicles to dual temperature (ambient & chilled) or even ambient only grocery delivery.

One of the critical parts of passive cooling is the introduction of FoodCap high-performance insulated totes, which can offer efficiency in both front of store order picking and back of store staging prior to delivery.

FoodCap can work with you to introduce passive cooling solutions for online grocery delivery to home or collection by customer.

Bespoke food movement systems for a sustainable future

Storing perishable food and protecting product integrity for delivery while simultaneously reducing handling costs and packaging waste is a tall order. This is where FoodCap firmly plants itself as the leader in sustainable food movement systems. A recyclable unit and bespoke solution, FoodCap can be integrated into food handling, packaging and delivery systems.